YAW STRINGOriginal and custom made
GRAND RACINGSport chronograph
designed for running
AVIOMETEROriginal and custom made
RAFFAELLAOriginal and custom made
NEW MODELSOriginal and custom made
of being creative
We take care of every project
hungry for curiosity
of precision
Accuracy and perfection in our daily bread DESIGN
dell'essere all'avanguardia
We are always in step with the timesPROTOTYPING
of large numbers
And the constancy of maintaining high qualityPRODUCTION
THE IMPORTANCE of being close
of being close
At any timeSUPPORT
of time
Even in the deliveryDELIVERY
ORE 00:00
Design and development of collections

The idea

The process of designing a watch or an entire collection for a brand always starts from briefing with the customer with which the guidelines of a product that knows how to combine the needs of the creative world with the the direct requirements of the commercial area of ​​reference.

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The design phase refers to the technical analysis of the product, the materials to be used and its possible customizations, and aims to offer the customer a test model that can better test their needs and the level of satisfaction

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The design process of the production of our wristwatches continues with the realization of the physical prototype in resin or metal of the watch, a decisive step for the perception of the entire project and its chances of success .

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Customer service

Importime boasts an in-house laboratory composed of expert technicians in the watchmaking sector, who are called not only to carry out rigorous quality control on each watch component from the design and assembly phase, but also to guarantee a after-sales service complete and efficient from the moment of delivery to a possible revision of the product.

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In full compliance with the terms of delivery of products with punctuality and reliability, our company is also able to offer high quality packaging and packaging proposals for the requesting customers and brands, including of boxes, cases, exhibitors, labels, warranties, certifications and catalogs.

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After the approval of the sampling by the customer begins the production process of our wristwatches, carried out according to the canons of rigor and efficiency designed to ensure the highest quality of the commissioned product.

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Importime watches

Italian wrist watch manufacturer

For over 20 years Importime represents excellence among Italian watch manufacturers offering high-quality wristwatch production to third parties looking for design Made in Italy.

Blending study and research, we combine precious development tools and our strong passion to keep setting new standards in Italian watch production.

Searching for exclusive design we bring together attention to details and technical expertise to make Importime a trusted provider of third-party solutions and custom watches production for individual orders. We take care of every production aspect, from realization of technical drawing up to serial production of final product.

We are specialized in contract watches manufacturing, from Swiss Made to Japan quartz including automatic and mechanical mechanism. Our goal is to create the desired watch in collaboration with our customer and ensure complete 360-degree service, from idea to packaging, from design to after-sales service. As watch manufacturer Importime reinvents the origin and perfection of tailor made watches the position offering front-line solutions to international market.

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