Production of OEM handcrafted wrist watches

Creativity and quality according to the best tradition of watchmaking.


Great spirit of innovation and particular attention to detail are the core values ​​of Importime’s production of Italian OEM wristwatches, which over time has become a real point of reference in the watch industry, both in terms of technical development and customer relationship management.

What makes our watchmaking company a safe haven is the study of the materials and commercial needs of each model commissioned by customers. This is a feature that allows our Italian master watchmakers to guarantee a completely tailor-made, tailor-made service, from the design of the wristwatch to the engineering of the project, to the technical materials to support the marketing strategy to be implemented for the growth of the product in its reference markets.

This is the core business of our OEM wristwatch production, Original Equipment Manufacturing: original manufacturing and total customization.

Thanks to its support and consultancy activity, Importime follows you step by step with the aim of growing your brand, starting from the simplest aesthetic customization or technical modification, up to a full custom production of handcrafted wristwatches, completely designed and made to measure for the customer by expert Italian watchmakers, combining creativity and quality according to the precepts of the best Italian design tradition.


Year after year, our team of designers designs and studies new models of wristwatches to be delivered to the customer, in order to complete their collections and marketing campaigns with refined products, characterized by aesthetics and functionality studied in the minimum detail. The design of our wristwatches follows the notes of a real concert of ideas, technique and creativity, for the creation of unique and exclusive products.

The design phase of our design watches refers to the technical analysis of the product, of the materials to be used and of its possible customizations, with the sole aim of offering the customer a test model that can best test the needs and satisfaction level.

Our design phase is based on an accurate graphic elaboration of sketches and images that faithfully reproduce the concept discussed with the customer.

From the choice of materials and movements, the technical drawings and renderings at the base of the first example are subsequently born, both Swiss Made, Japan, mechanical or quartz, produced after the approval of the projects presented and designed to evaluate in detail the satisfaction of the design of the sample from the customer.