Importime Watches

We make your watches!

Importime is your trusted partner to make wrist watches. A strong internal know-how and a detailed knowledge of components and materials have made our company a consolidated reality in the field of watchmaking for over 20 years.

Study and research, combined with a great technical experience, make Importime a symbol of excellence, extreme attention to detail and precision in the production of watches, make us a point of reference for numerous brands at national and international level.

The company develops the production of large orders of Design Wristwatches for third parties and customized models at the request of each customer, taking care of every aspect of production, from the realization of the technical drawing to mass production.

The primary focus of our work is to bring into play our great experience in the art of watchmaking, gained thanks to numerous collaborations with important national and international brands, to fully respond to every customer need and guarantee high quality standards through rigorous technical control and aesthetics of the watch at every stage of its processing.

Passion for technology and love for design are the fundamental values ​​of Importime, which designs and supervises the production of each watch, placing a continuous search for new shapes, materials and colors at the basis of its corporate mission, always respecting the best tradition and quality made in Italy. The goal is to create the desired fashion watch together with our customer and to guarantee a complete 360-degree service with our experience and expertise, from the idea to the packaging, from design to after-sales assistance.

We specialize in the production of watches, from Swiss Made with quartz, automatic and mechanical movements to Japan quartz, automatic and mechanical movements.

Rely on us to make the design wristwatch you want: we will bring you the idea, guaranteeing you a complete coaching service made of tradition, elegance and quality, according to the best Italian tradition.

Because time flies, it’s true, but you are the real driver.

Production of OEM handcrafted wrist watches

Creativity and quality according to the best tradition of watchmaking.

Great spirit of innovation and particular attention to detail are the core values ​​of Importime’s production of Italian OEM wristwatches, which over time has become a real point of reference in the watch industry, both in terms of development, technical and customer relationship management.

What makes our watchmaking company a safe haven is the study of the materials and commercial needs of each individual model commissioned by customers. This is a feature that allows our Italian master watchmakers to guarantee a completely tailor-made, tailor-made service, from the design of the wristwatch to the engineering of the project, to the technical materials to support the marketing strategy to be implemented for the growth of the product. in its reference markets.

This is the core business of our OEM wristwatch production, Original Equipment Manufacturing: original manufacturing and total customization.

Thanks to its support and consultancy activity, Importime follows you step by step with the aim of growing your brand, starting from the simplest aesthetic customization or technical modification, up to a full custom production of handcrafted wristwatches, completely designed and made to measure for the customer by expert Italian watchmakers, combining creativity and quality according to the precepts of the best Italian design tradition.

Watch factory

We mark the time with style

Research of shapes, materials and colors are the basis of the design and operation of our watches, which combine the classic elements of the most elegant Made in Italy with original details inspired by the latest international fashion trends.

It is in this scenario that Importime Watch Factory is located, the privileged showcase in which to gather all that makes the wristwatches of our production unique and exclusive pieces, perfect ambassadors of a reality designed to mark the time with style and a strong aesthetic sense.

On the other hand, making watches is an art that, as tradition teaches, requires great skill and knowledge of the components to obtain items with impeccable technique and a strong aesthetic impact. The production of models from our Watch Factory is carried out strictly following production rules aimed at ensuring high product quality.

Fundamental in this sense are the phases of conception, design and quality control of the model which, thanks to the help of sophisticated high-precision machines, allow the Watch Factory to boast a large production of branded watches, both digital and mechanical, top quality items meeting the highest standards of production and efficiency, innovation and technique, ready to be sold in stock and customized on the basis of the most sophisticated customer requests.

For these reasons, Importime is one of the largest manufacturers of wristwatches for third parties in the watchmaking sector: through an accurate analysis of the materials to be used, the product and its customization possibilities, the watches created by our main production center they stand out for the exceptional technical refinement with which they have been made as well as for being items with a design that is always versatile, designed to never go out of fashion.

Whether they are quartz, mechanical or automatic, sporty, luxury, military or solar, the timepieces made by Importime Watch Factory are the subject of continuous study by our Research and Development department, which works to offer customers new products. At the same time trying to renew the items in the catalog and thus make them the perfect gift for every use and style, ideal for every occasion and for every company that intends to make a difference.

History of watchmaking

A wristwatch is a small watch intended to be worn by a person at all times. For this reason, it is necessary to verify that its realization completely reflects high standards of quality, design, efficiency and comfort, whether you wear it at home, at work, in sport or in your free time. Because a wristwatch is much more than a simple object used for measuring time.

Throughout its long history, the watch belonged to the category of mechanical devices. It was in the 1960s that the first electronic quartz watch, powered by a battery and kept in time with a vibrating quartz crystal, entered the society. In the 1980s, the quartz watch had already conquered most of the watch market, almost completely replacing the mechanical watch. While the mechanical watch was distinguished by fairly high prices, today there are also cheaper and mid-priced watches with quartz movements, used mainly for measuring time.

However, it is not uncommon to find very expensive collectible watches, the value of which is significantly influenced by the craftsmanship of the manufacturer who produced them, aesthetics and design. Mechanical watches, less precise and more expensive than electronic ones, are nowadays destined almost exclusively for a clientele of collectors. Especially because, as we have said, a watch today is much more than what it represented in the past.

When choosing the watch to wear or give as a gift, it is very important to have in mind the characteristics that our watch must have since the production of wrist watches currently offers watches suitable for all tastes and needs.

There are those who are looking for a watch with many auxiliary functions in addition to the classic and necessary time measurement: today watches work perfectly as a function of stopwatches, calendars, reminders, heart rate sensors and much more.

Instead, there are those who love to wear a watch as an accessory, and therefore place particular importance on style, fashion, a particular design, the brand or the brand ambassadors and influencers who today more than ever are relevant in giving visibility to a certain model or brand, be it celebrity, the President of the United States or the football player of the heart.

There are still those looking for a watch with many functions and high precision without having to give up style, and therefore want a functional accessory that is at the same time fashionable.

There are even those who love watches and want exclusivity, preferring fashionable models that can at the same time boast all the functions of the most modern watches: unique and personalized objects, impossible to find the same on someone else’s wrist.

Wristwatch manufacturers are very skilled in reinventing themselves at all times, keeping up with technology day by day and paying great attention to new methods, inventions and production processes. The ultimate goal is to listen to its customers at all times and satisfy their every desire by offering new models that can best express the personality of the wearer through a continuous search for new technologies and innovative designs.