Customer service

Our services are not limited to production: in addition to carrying out the project, the prototype and the production of the entire range of items requested, our team will follow you at every steps, even after the delivery of the products.

Importime boasts an in-house laboratory made up of expert technicians in the field of watchmaking called who are not only in charge to carry out a rigorous quality control on each component of the watch, but most of all to ensure a complete and efficient after-sales service from the delivery to a possible revision of the product.

Thanks to careful quality control of the products made before shipment, Importime Watch Factory is able to offer quick and prompt assistance even in the repair and replacement of the components of the produced items, ensuring  complete technical and graphic support even for customization of every detail concerning the aestethics and functioning of the watch. The advantage? A service characterized by quality and efficienty without any comparison.

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